Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Picture Challenge!!

Ok so it is barely Saturday still... but it still is.... so this week Brittany picked:
November 2007 44th Picture.....
Well I don't have a 44th, but here is November 2007

This is John and our dog Dufus in front of the fireplace. I LOVE my puppy... oh yeah my hubby TOO!!!
Join in the fun!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays

Ok I am trying out this whole wordless Wednesday... I am already not doing good with the wordless thing.... Check out other peoples pics at 5 Minutes for Mom. Here is one of her pictures I played with…. gotta love PicNik!!

Photo Shoot Edit

Tribute Tuesday

I have decided to join in with Jay for a Tuesday Tribute!!!
Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

So my Tribute today is to...... My Mom :)
This lady is wonderful... even though I don't tell her all the time.

After having Emma, my thoughts and feelings towards my mother have changed immensely. Now I am not saying she doesn't drive me NUTS from time to time, however I do have a new found respect for her. I can't imagine doing the things she has done.

She has always been there for me and my brother. Whether we want to admit it or not.

She married my dad young and had my brother 9 months later, almost to the day.... which is so gross :) Then 2 1/2 years later she had me.

At this time she was working full time had two small children and decided to go back to school to better the life she could give us. Whether we recognize it or not, she has always tried her best with us and given us her all.

We have gone through so many ups and downs in our relationships and there have been some regrets both ways.

I remember the day I found out I was having Emma, not the day I found out I was pregnant, but the day I found out I was having a girl. It was January 3rd 2008. I wanted so badly to call and tell her. See we hadn't talked in months, in fact the last time we talked was before we got pregnant. It was already hard enough to not have her to talk about the pregnancy and go through the holidays with, but this really got to me.

What I have found out since then is that God had been working in both of our lives. The cool thing is Emma means Healer, which I did not know until a few months ago. John could see how upset I was, although I had never told him. While it took some major convincing from John and my sister-in-law Kara; John, my mom and I sat down to talk.

Looking back I cannot imagine the pain I have put my mother through and how much she wanted to hug me and have me hug her back. But she didn't. She respected my boundaries and somehow knew exactly what I needed. I can't express how much she means to me and one of best things in the world is seeing her hold my little girl. :) It just makes me smile!!!

So as we get ready to celebrate her birthday January 30th, I just wanted to take this time and tell everyone how much she really means to me!!

Love you MOM!!!

And of course here are some pictures of her......

The First two pictures are the first pictures of my mom and John with Little Emma (I was still laying on the operating table.... glad they are having fun :) )

This is a picture at Funk's Grove, my mom was taking pictures of us and I grabbed the camera and took a few of them....

John, Emma and Mom putting up the Christmas Tree.... I was being VERY helpful and taking pictures :)
Christmas Eve at Church!!!
Christmas Day at home with her new baby that was bought because it looks so much like Emma, as Amanda pointed out in her comment :)

This last picture does not have Mom in it... I know, but I was frustrated in this picture because I told mom I wanted to spend some time with just John and Emma. But I LOVE this picture and all she did was slip in, take the picture and give us some alone time. This is the first picture of the first time I held Emma. I look like Cr*p, but I LOVE it :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Emma Pic Part # 2

Here are some more of Emma’s pictures!!!  She is just the CUTEST…. if I do say so myself.

  Photo Shoot 161 Photo Shoot 165 Photo Shoot 169 Photo Shoot 172 Photo Shoot 175 Photo Shoot 178 Photo Shoot 179

She also got some puffs to help her stay happy!! :)  Not that I would bribe my kid with food…. hmmm maybe something for a Not me Monday post…. :)

Photo Shoot 193Photo Shoot 192

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Emma Pics Part #1

Mom and I took pictures of Emma last Sunday.

Here are some of my favorites…. she was so much fun and so cute!!!

Photo Shoot 013  Photo Shoot 021 Photo Shoot 039 Photo Shoot 042 Photo Shoot 084 Photo Shoot 092

 Photo Shoot 098 Photo Shoot 117



Random Picture Saturday

Brittany has a new random picture Saturday..... This one is August 2007 the 30th Picture.....

Wow... I haven't seen this picture in FOREVER!!! It is Melinda Doolittle and Jordan Sparks from the American Idol 2007 Tour!!! We had so much fun.... it seemes so long ago.... no baby, no responsibilities!!! :)

Join in the fun..... Or see others....


New Blog

Ok, So I have decided to try out blogger after having a Wordpress blog that I am not entirely happy with. I am going to see how I like this new blog and we will go from there!

It already seems easier and has more features... but only time will tell!!!