Monday, February 2, 2009

A Glimpse of The Father

We went to Fuel last night and Brandon did a wonderful job, as always sharing God's message. We have really enjoyed going to Fuel and have learned a ton. I am going to share something about Fuel so try and follow with me because there is a cool (well I think it is) story that goes along with it.

Last night's message was about living in the end times and how we see a glipse of the Future times in the Present times because we are in the end times. He talked about how the Jews understanding was that the Present time would end and the Future time would begin after the day of the Lord. Well God's plans are not the same as we think they should be. So we are living in the end times, which are basically the time after Jesus came until he comes again. This time is the in between times when we have both the good of Jesus in us and the Sin of man around us. So we battle daily with the good and the bad. I am not explaining it anywhere near as well as Brandon did and if you want a better understanding go to Fuel, they have all their sermons on the web.

It was really neat to understand why we have these amazing mountain top experiences where we see/feel/hear God and then these horrible valley experiences. So I have decided to look for and enjoy the mountain top experiences more and watch for God breaking through to us, and worry less about the valley experiences.

Well I got to enjoy a God break through in the middle of a valley. Last night Emma woke up at who knows what time and I was frustrated and told John just to go get her for me. From our bed, through our living room, you can see Emma's door, which was open because John was picking Emma up. Well I saw a glimpse of our Heavenly Father in the form of John. I didn't have my glasses on, so I am really not sure how, but I could see, through the darkness, my husband holding his little girl and rocking her back to sleep.

It was the most amazing thing to see and I really felt God was showing me how he feels about me(us). Anyway, I just felt the need to share that story and would love to have a picture of it, but I know no picture could do it justice. So I will leaving you with a picture of Peanut and her daddy and the first time he held her.

Love ya!!

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Sera said...

That is a priceless picture. :)