Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Steps!!!

Emma finally took two steps on her own yesterday!!!

Of course she did it at school and only until she saw John. She then sat down and started crying!!!

Hmmmm do you think we spoil her??? I like to call it LOVE!!!

Before long I am sure she will be walking all over the place!! Where has our little strawberry butt gone???

Love Ya!

PS. Please have my new friend Jess in your prayers! Her and her family are going through a lot right now!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok.... so other than the obvious reason.... I LOVE when Emma sleeps..... She is the cutest thing!!!

She gets in these weird positions and flips all over the place!!! She also sleeps through ANYTHING!! I LOVE IT!!!

This picture was taken at my grandparents house when we did work on their landscaping.... she needed to sleep and I forgot the pack in play.... so I laid her on the floor... she moves WAY too much to be on the bed.... with a bunch of pillows around her.
I felt like such a bad mom.... but clearly she didn't mind.... later she had both arms up!! So cute.... don't you just want to squeeze her.... ok maybe that's just me!!!
Love Ya! Jessica

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok so yesterday was kind of a tease picture of Emma so I figured I would post some recent pictures of her..... ENJOY!!!

Here is Emma and Daddy playing their favorite game!!

That's three generations of FEET!!! :)
She always does things like this when the grass first touches her feet..... It's like SERIOUSLY MOM!!!

Here's her fun game with mommy!!! I will do this once and she wants it OVER AND OVER.... :)

I just LOVE this picture.... she looks so deep in thought!!

Ummmm don't think you are getting anywhere CLOSE to MY Bread!!!

And Finally.... WHAT??? Can't a girl just CRUZ!!!!

Love YA!


Friday, June 26, 2009

She is getting big!!!

Ok so awhile ago.... almost a year ago.... Carissa took this picture.

I LOVED it and planned on taking them every three months.... well LIFE Happened!!!
But I did take her picture for her Birthday.... and look at the Difference!!! She is getting so BIG.... well for her!!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pawpaw and His Girls

We got pictures taken with Dad, Patty (stepmom), Jason(brother), Kara(SIL), Rylee(Niece), Brooke(Sister) and Becky(Sister) the other day. The turned out really well.

Here is one of my favorite!

Love Ya!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Potty Bench Giveaway

Well I know it will be awhile before we need this.... but Steals and Deals is doing a giveaway on a really cool looking potty bench!!!

Wow when did I get to the point were a potty bench is cool????
Oh Well!!

Love YA


I was reading Sherri's blog and she posted a fun little questionnaire.... well I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I would join in....

1. Folgers or Starbucks? Neither.... Morris has this AMAZING coffee that John's Aunt and Uncles always bring us :) YUMMY!!

2. Cardinals or Cubs? CUBS all the way BABY!!

3. Morning person or night owl? night owl by choice.... morning person by profession :(

4. Name brand or generic? depends.... mainly generic..... except toilet paper and milk :)

5. Dylan or Rolling Stones? ummm neither I am not old :)

6. Mountains or Ocean? hmmmm Mountains

7. Talker or Listener? I try to be a listener.... but usually a talker :)

8. Math or Literature? MATH

9. Books or Movies? Movies

10. Meat and Potatoes or Casseroles? Meat and potatoes

11. Summer or Winter? SUMMER :)

12. Coffee or Tea? see question one or Sweet Tea

13. Cats or dogs? DOGS!!

14. Rock or Country? Country

15. Pepsi or Coke? Regular Coke.... Diet Pepsi :)

16. Beef or Chicken? Chicken..... but I would rather Pork

17. Leader or follower? depends I would like to be a leader

18. Pink or Red? PINK..... Emma has changed me :)

19. Stilettos or tennis shoes? Stilettos.... then I have a reason to go barefoot :)

20. Homebody or socializer? Homebody

21. Short or tall? Tall

That was fun... join in if you want!!!

Oh yeah and here is a picture of Emma :)

This is a picture of Grammie and Emma from Father's Day at Jason and Kara's Pool :)