Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok so yesterday was kind of a tease picture of Emma so I figured I would post some recent pictures of her..... ENJOY!!!

Here is Emma and Daddy playing their favorite game!!

That's three generations of FEET!!! :)
She always does things like this when the grass first touches her feet..... It's like SERIOUSLY MOM!!!

Here's her fun game with mommy!!! I will do this once and she wants it OVER AND OVER.... :)

I just LOVE this picture.... she looks so deep in thought!!

Ummmm don't think you are getting anywhere CLOSE to MY Bread!!!

And Finally.... WHAT??? Can't a girl just CRUZ!!!!

Love YA!



Jess said...

She has such a cute personality! I love the picture with her bread and her in her toy car!

Jess said...

Thank you again...Your kind words are so comforting! What is your story, were you IF at one time? Either way...I really love Emma!