Monday, August 10, 2009


Ok so I promised a picture, so here is a picture...

I kind of cheated.... Kara (my wonderful SIL) took this picture.

She posted it on Facebook this morning!!

Since I don't have my camera--- somewhere in the house :) We will have to rely on other peoples pics, which in my family isnt hard :).

So yesterday, after some major retail therapy... I needed clothes for work :) Ry-bug, my niece decided Em needed to stay over.

Who was I to disagree.

My B and SIL didn't mind and when they got the girls ready this morning this is what turned out!!

COMPLETE cuteness!!

Thanks again guys!!! We really appreciate it!!

Love Ya,


PS. Jess has now given me TWO awards and I have not had a chance to post either one... I will get on that ASAP :) Thanks!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I know I promised pictures last time but.....Well by this time my RL friends know about this, but I just wanted to post something about it. This is more of a documentation for myself and a little Blog therapy. So I apologize, it may be a little long :)

Wednesday night, after going to get some groceries and dinner, we came home to our house being on fire. Luckily we had the air conditioner on and the windows closed, so the fire had no oxygen to "breath". Therefore it pretty much put itself out, but not before doing some major damage.

When we pulled into the driveway we didn't even know the house was on fire. John went to go let the dog out and I went to get Emma out of her car seat. He opened the door and yelled at me that the house was on fire. I thought he was joking and even said "that's not funny".... until I looked up and saw black smoke POURING out of the open door.

John used to be a FF, and if anyone knows a FF, you know they always are a FF, whether that is their job or not :) So his first instinct was to go in. He said he went in three feet and the smoke/heat was too much. It was then that it dawned on him our dog was still in the house (by this time I have 911 on the phone). He ran around to the front of our house, since our room is in the front corner (Dufus always goes to our bedroom if he is tired/scared/in trouble). The door was dead-bolted so John just kicked in the door. Again, he only got about two feet and had to turn back.

The FD showed up really quickly (we live in a small town and everybody knows everybody). They immediately went in to look for our dog. They got him out, but he was gone. They tried EVERYTHING!! They gave him oxygen, mouth to snout and CPR.

They believe it was started by a candle I left burning. I never leave candles, but we had changed our plans rather quickly and we think we left without blowing them out. There not sure if Dufus knocked them over or what. So for the last couple days we have been dealing with the Fire Investigator and the Insurance company. Yes we have insurance :)

Our house is savable, Thank God! There is major fire damage in our living room and kitchen. Also there is major smoke damage in EVERY room, except Emma's. Emma's room has some minor smoke damage, but they believe they can save the clothes that are in her room and all of her furniture. All of her plastic toys have to be gotten rid of.

We have a pretty open floor plan, which is why the smoke spread so easily. However, we ALWAYS shut her door when we leave the house. We let her leave her toys out on the floor and our dog has been known to chew on them.

At this point we are staying at a hotel and just figuring out what has to be done. We have gotten a couple different time lines on when we will be home. The most recent was 3 months, but we have heard up to 6+ months.

We have been given so much from everyone. John works at a preschool and part time at an ambulance agency and they both have been collecting things for us.

Right now the biggest thing we need is prayer. We need to stop beating ourselves up for this, mainly John. We need prayer that Emma will adjust well. She is doing good now, lots of love from her parents/grandparents. But its hard to know what she is thinking and it is not like we can explain anything to her. She is an amazingly well behaved baby, but I am afraid this is going to be a big upset in her routine. So thats were we are at.

Love Ya,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I know it has been awhile.... I have been in training the last three weeks and have been busy loving on little one. Also, my Internet Explorer at work hasn't been letting me leave comments.... so I am sorry for the lack of comments :( I do still read All the Time. I just wanted to say Hi! Also I wanted you guys to do something for me!!! :)

Go to: - My friend Jessie is going through a TON of things. She is such a sweetheart and has such a big heart. She is struggling and I know she could use some prayers and encouragement!! Also go check out Jay and his WW post. It was HILARIOUS!!!! He is the FUNNIEST manblogger!!! :)

Alright... I promise a post full of tons of Emma pictures NEXT!!