Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 6- 20 of My Favorite Things

20 of my Favorite things!!!

20: Sleeping with the windows open and the rain pouring down.

19: A hot dog and a cold drink on a hot summer day at the Cubs game.

18: Snuggled up on a cold winter evening in front of a fireplace with the love on my life.

17: Shopping for little girl clothes!!!

16: Answered prayers!

15: My Canon DSLR camera

14: Black and white pictures

13: Snuggling with a new born baby

12: My daughter singing B-I-B-L-E BIBLE!!

11: Hair bows and frilly dresses

10: Love at first site!

9: Little old couples still in Love.

8: Cheesecake Factory Cheescake

7: Riding on the back of John's Motorcycle on a warm sunny day!

6: Looking into the eyes of my child and knowing true LOVE!

5: Making plans and dreaming, even if I know they won't happen!

4: My coach purse and wallet.

3: My Small Town!

2: My home!

1: MY FAMILY!!!!!
- Crazy girl and her Daddy!!

Love ya,


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Amanda (& Chris) said...

You only made it six days!!