Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 14- Fav Non-Fictional Book

Emma and Rylee decorating Grammie's tree!!

Well My favorite Non-fictional book is hands down:
The Bible :)

So My momma is back from Colorado and she came over to have our special spaghetti tonight. She brought along my niece Rylee, which was so much fun!!! Emma missed her nap this afternoon, but Mommy and Daddy got one in (Thanks Grammie!!!!). So she was a little grouchy, but I think we all had lots of fun!!! Plus we will be eating spaghetti for a week!!! (It is an old family recipe that I know by heart, but never think about cutting the portion down, well at least until it is already made!!) It is something we always made when the WHOLE family gets together so it makes a TON!!!

Love ya Momma,

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